For years, I enjoyed taking vacation photos with my family. All I heard from them was your pictures are very good you should do more with photography. In 2007 our son started playing ball, I got a better camera to document those moments. However, with no icons on the dial, I had to learn how it all worked. After taking an evening class on photography it all clicked. I set out to practice & expand on what I have learned, continuing to push the boundaries!

In 2011, I turned professional & have developed a solid reputation for producing high quality, lasting images. In just a few months I had my first published image in a local newspaper, since then I have been published in a number of magazines. I've had the pleasure to photograph a number of weddings, events & private sessions in the PA, NJ & DE areas.

In 2014, I had the opportunity to work with two fellow colleagues to produce & sell a Pin-up calendar for cancer awareness. I did half of the principal photography and created the layout for each month. This was very rewarding & a wonderful learning experience.

I am very passionate about photography & I do take my work very seriously. But having fun is number one at any of my photo sessions. I enjoying meeting new people, sharing ideas, and collaborating on new concepts.

You must think outside the box or you will get trapped in one!

Nothing is impossible!

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